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Train Hard. Sweat Hard.

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Get a free session for every 4 sessions booked with block bookings


Welcome to hjfitness! We are delighted to announce custom sessions are now available, tailored to each individuals needs.What ever your fitness goals are I can help.

Offering Pre and post natal sessions, Strengthening and conditioning, Fitness and weight loss programmes, Recovery and Rehabilitation and much more.

 Booking is simple and easy to do and will only take a second - what are you waiting for?



Now offering sessions at Aberdeen Altens health centre!
Home sessions still availableperfect for those who enjoy working out in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Protein shakers available now
Perfect  for 

New for November 2023:
Online session plans, exercise banks and food diary advice.
Check out today whilst discounts last

Gym Equipments

Interested in Face to Face or Video sessions? 

Start your Personal training journey in 2 simple steps:

Step 1:

Get in touch or book a

 free video or face to face initial consultation in the booking section to discuss:

A Physical Activity Readiness and a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire then consider your goals and an action plan.

Contact information:


Phone or text-07477457481

Step 2:

Once you have had your initial consultation you are good to go! Use the booking system below to book your sessions. It's simple and easy, or get in touch to arrange your sessions to!

Don't have time to travel to a gym? Online session plans or video sessions are the perfect alternative! Head over to the plans and  pricing page to find out more!


A huge thank you to everyone for their support so far, HJFITNESS has been able to grow so much over the last year, I am grateful for each and every client who has helped has supported me so far!


Hello, My name is Harley-Jane Farquhar and I am the owner of HJFITNESS. I am a fully insured personal trainer. I studied at Edinburgh College and gained my HNC in Health Fitness and Exercise and my personal trainer qualifications. During my time in Edinburgh I did several weeks work experience at the college campus gym. My whole life revolves around fitness and horse riding (hence the logo choice). I started horse riding when I was 3 years old and over the years I have taken part in other sports and activities such as tae-kwon-do and cross country - sport has always been a big part of my life. I train 7 days a week both in the gym and on a horse. This has required a lot of dedication and commitment as my horses live at home and I do all the work myself. With every client I am willing to give them 100% commitment from the very start. This includes getting to know the client through the lifestyle questionnaire, to programme planning and all the way through the training. I understand that every client is different and we are all individuals - this is why I offer custom plans to each client because "one size does not fit all". It is important to find a training programme that works for you! For more information check out my social media. 

You will often find me in the gym myself were i will always be happy to answer any questions you have 😊

Check out our socials for workouts and fitness advice.  

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